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Gymnastic Grips are a very important necessity for a gymnast.  Grips are worn when the gymnast is on the uneven bars.  Grips prevent the gymnast’s hands from getting callouses and rips. Rips are blisters on the hands that can burst and bleed.

The gymnast hands must be measured for grips to get the right fit.  Wrist bands are also purchased with the grips to prevent chaffing around the wrist.

See link below for tips on how to care for your new grips!


Epic MMA Gymnastics Hand Grips
  • This beginner grip is a basic palm protector made of soft leather
  • Polypropylene wrist cuff and hook and loop closures
  • Comes in a variety of colors


Gibson Athletic Double Buckle Grips
  • Made of top quality leather with double buckle closure
  • Sold in pairs, Made in the USA



Reisport Ladies Uneven Bar Grips
  • Most Popular Grips in the World – Made in Switzerland
  • Long Lasting
  • Sewn Dowel
  • Hook an Loop Closure


Suddora 4 Inch Arm Sweatband
  • Individually sold!!! Great for helping to prevent sweat and chaffing.
  • Also amazing as a stylish accessory! Available in 10 colors.
  • Perfectly paired with gymnastic hand grips.
  • Ultra Comfy and Durable! 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon.

Ginnasta Power Cuff Velcro Gymnastics Grips

Ginnasta USA uses leather that is specifically formulated and treated for gymnastics use. YOU CAN DO THINGS WITH THESE GRIPS THAT OTHER BRANDS SAY NOT TO! Why wear stiff, uncomfortable grips that take time to break in, and stretch out to the wrong size? Gymnasts of all levels are thrilled with Ginnasta USA grips because you can put them on, chalk them up and go!