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Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas

Gymnastics Moms will love these great ideas for ways to include gymnastics into an awesome birthday party or gymnastics team party.  Scroll down the page for exciting gymnastic party games, activities, and crafts that are easy and inexpensive.  Your guests will flip with excitement!!

Gymnastic Parties Held at the Gym Club

The easiest route is to check with your local gymnastics club.  Most gyms have the option of holding birthday parties at the facility on weekends.  There will be a fee to host a party but it’s cheaper if the birthday guest of honor is a member of the gym.  The gym will have staff members available to coordinate activities and games that will include use of the equipment.  The staff members should be certified coaches that can ensure the safety of the children.  The kids will have a ball!

You will need to supply the decorations, food, cake, and goodie bags.  The time frame for parties held at a gym is around 2 hours.


Hosting a Party at Home

Hosting a gymnastics themed birthday party at home can be fun and you can get very creative from the invitations to the decorations to the activities.


Gymnastic Party Invitations

Gymnastics Chalkboard Photo Invitation

Customized with your wording for your special event. These invitations are printed on 5×7″ 120 lb cardstock with white envelopes included.


Thank You Bundle Sets

Lay out the party mat and kick things off with these fun packs! What are you waiting for? Our Gymnastics Invitation & Thank You Bundle Sets are a great start and end to your event. They help remove the worry of party planning for your little one’s big day. Trust us, you’ll be the hero of your celebration when you choose one of our most popular party theme items.


Girl Jump Tumble Play Gym Birthday Invitations

Get the fun black and neon color Jump Tumble and Play Birthday Invitations you’ve been looking for, for your girl gymnastic Birthday party, featuring your party information in a myriad of colorful circles with tumbling children silhouettes. This gym invitation is professionally printed on both sides on gloss cover stock.


Gymnastic Party Supplies

Gymnastics Star Birthday Party Supplies







Gymnastics Star Tablecovers


Personalized and Elegant Gymnastics Cake Topper


Whimsical Practicality Gymnastics Edible Icing Image

Edible icing art is a great way to make a cake and cupcakes look fantastic and professional. These are an easy and inexpensive way to make your cake look like a masterpiece.

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Gymnastics Star Ribbon

Gymnastics Games & Activities

Handstand Contest – A contest to see who can hold a handstand the longest.  A variation to this can be to see who can walk on their hands the farthest.

Balance Beam Contest – Set a balance beam close to the floor and have everyone get on the beam with one foot on the beam and one foot off.  See who can stay on the beam the longest.

Pin the Medal on the Gymnast – Get a blown up picture/ poster of a famous gymnast and put it on a wall.  Mark with an “X” the spot where the medal should be.  Blindfold the gymnast, spin them around 3 times and have them “pin” (using tape) the medal on the gymnast.  When all guests have had a turn, the person who comes the closest is the winner.  You can make the medals out of colored construction paper.

Gymnast Says “….” – This is a variation of the Simon Says game.  The birthday gymnast or whomever is hosting the party will instruct the guests to do gymnastic moves by saying:  “Gymnast Says do a back walkover” and the guests will have to follow the instruction.  But, if the instructor does NOT say “Gymnast Says” before telling everyone to do a cartwheel and the guest does the cartwheel anyway, that person will be eliminated from the game.  Play until there is one last gymnast standing!

Gymnastics Relay Race – Divide your guests into teams of four people each (depending on the number of guests) and have them do various gymnastics moves.  For example, the first person can be a cartwheel, they will tag the next person on their team and they will have to do a round off, third person a front walkover, fourth person a back bend.  Whatever team finishes the race first is the winner.  The possibilities are endless.

Photo Booth – Photo booths are gaining in popularity as a great activity for parties.  Everyone will love to take pictures with props and it will be a keepsake to take with you for lasting memories!

Gymnastic Star Photo Booth Props

Please check out my Pinterest page for more exciting gymnastic party ideas, games and activities!

2 Responses to Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Very creative birthday party idea for children, I can imagines the kids having a fun time at this gymnastic birthday party.

    Awesome events to keep the kids entertained, very unique a party not many other kids will experience on a regularly basis.

    Great idea and events every kid will enjoy their time at this type of party, their parents may wonder why their children are so tired by the time they come home?

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for your comments.  You are quite right…when the party is over the kids are wiped out!  Which is exactly what a parent wants so they can go to bed when they get home!  LOL! 


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