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Gymnastics Competition Season is Here

USA Gymnastics competition season has started in a lot of cities across the country.  Many parents have already purchased competition leotards, grips and other items that were outgrown or worn out from the last season.

One of the best ways to get pumped up about the gymnastics season is to attend a USAG sanctioned gymnastics meet.  Vendors selling gymnastics related items, the program book with your athlete’s name inside, the crowd of excited and nervous parents.  Also check your local listings and watch gymnastics competitions on TV.  You might want to set your DVR to record gymnastics programs because they are not widely advertised.  These things can be a great inspiration to get our athletes in the mood to perform.

This is my daughter’s third season in gymnastics and I look forward to competition season.  Having a bleacher seat for these meets is a good investment.  Most meets are held in gymnasiums or recreational centers with bleacher seating.  A gymnastics competition can last 3 to 4 hours or more and sitting on hard bleacher seats for long periods of time can be very uncomfortable.

Check out this bleacher seat by Cascade Mountain Tech.  It’s lightweight, has a handle for carrying, nice padding for hours of comfort, and folds easy to store in the trunk of the car.

Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech






If you want your gymnast to be able to learn from and enjoy some really great gymnastics, also consider taking them to a USA Gymnastics Event featuring gymnastics champions.  There are scheduled events throughout the year.  You can go onto the USA Gymnastics website and find out when an event is being held near you.

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