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Gymnastics Score Tracker Apps

Why purchase an event book at every competition that could cost you anywhere from $5 – $20 per book?  You can keep track of your gymnast scores with these neat apps that can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet.

Gymnastics Meet Tracker

Gymnastics Meet Tracker allows the entry of gymnastics meet scores, organized by Meet, Team and Gymnast for both girls and boys at any level, USAG, High School, College, etc.  It includes Junior Olympics Levels 3 – 10 and Xcel Levels Bronze – Diamond.

Enter a meet name, add your team of gymnasts and enter each score as the meet progresses and instantly know each gymnasts all-around score or an entire team score for the meet.

During the awards ceremony, enter the award place for each event and all-around or age group they receive.

View results of the meet and email them with a single click in two formats – single gymnast or the listing of the entire team in three types of email formats.

The team meet score is automatically calculated showing the initials of the gymnast whose score counted with totals for each event and an overall meet score. The number of gymnasts used to calculate the score can be changed in the preferences between 2 and 6 gymnasts.


Gymnast Companion

Gymnast Companion is a powerful application for any Gymnastics Enthusiast, including professional and non-professional gymnasts, coaches, score keepers or anyone who wants to keep track of scores. It provides capabilities to collect scores for a gymnast of any level. It includes the features to gather scores for multiple gymnasts, teams or even for any number of schools.




Tumble Tally

Tumble Tally is the premier gymnastics score and meet tracking app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android

  • Fast gymnastics meet scoring and awards entry for women’s and men’s events.
  • On the fly All Around score calculations for each gymnast.
  • Reports for meet results by gymnast, or for the whole team.
  • Calculation of team scores, showing the gymnasts that contributed to the team score.
  • Share gymnastics meet results with your friends and family via email, picture text message, and AirDrop (on iOS).
  • Results can also be shared other places like Facebook and Twitter.