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How Much Does Gymnastics Cost?


Most people don’t realize how expensive organized sports can be until they have a child or children that’s involved in that sport…gymnastics is no different.  I wrote this article to give people an insight into all of the costs associated with gymnastics…so here we go!


Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Training:

When a young would be gymnast starts gymnastics they will start with training.  Generally, they will start off in Beginner and as their skills improve, they will move on to Intermediate, then Advance training.

Gymnastics training can start at any age from babies and toddlers to 12 years and older.

On the lower end of the scale prices can range from $40 – $102 per month. On the higher end of the scale prices can be $150 – $200 per month.

Each gymnastics club can set their own prices for the services that they provide.  Services can include Mommy & Tots classes and Tumbling classes as well as gymnastics training at various levels.  Ask for a price list before registering.

Private, One on One Training – $40 and up (per class)

A session length is between 8 – 10 weeks.  The hours per class can also vary.  Depending on the age and the skill level of the athlete, training classes can be 45 minutes to 1 hour or more per class and 2 to 3 days per week.

Practice Leos and Shorts:  $15 & up


Grips:  $20 and up  Sometimes grips are ordered through the club and costs will be higher.



When a gymnastics coach feels that an athlete is ready to compete the coach will place them on a Team within their gym club.  In order for an athlete to compete in a USAG sanctioned competition, they have to be a member of a USAG member club and have a USAG member identification number assigned to them.  The USAG Member Application will cost up to $60 and must be renewed annually.

Competition season typically starts in the Fall and ends in the Spring.  The number of competitions that a gym club will participate depends upon the gym club itself.  On average a club will participate in 8 competitions per season, (not including State and Regional competitions).  Some gyms will host a competition during the season.

  • Tuition/ Competition Training**:  $150 and up
  • Private Training for Competition Routines:  $50 & up
  • Fee for competitions (per meet):  $80 – $115
  • Competition Leos with Hair Ties:  $150 and up
  • Competition Warm Up Jacket:  $50 and up
  • Competition Warm Up Pants/Capris:  $35 and up

  • Coaches Fees:  $75 and up (per meet).  Some gymnastics clubs may have a flat fee for Coaches fees for the season.
  • Competition Entry Fee:  $10 – $20
  • Competition Program:  $5 – $10
  • Travel to and from competitions:  Gas $$
  • Vendors at competitions:  Food, Photos, Gymnastics Clothing and Accessories

**Training for competitions is different than learning gymnastics skills.  Training requires more hours in the gym to increase the skill level of the athlete on uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault. These are the four events in a gymnastic competition.

Most gym clubs will hold fundraisers to defray the costs of the competition uniform (leos and warm ups).  It really is a good idea to participate in the fundraising even if you only get $20 off the cost of the uniform.  That $20 can go towards coaches fees or whatever you choose.  Every little bit helps!

On a positive note the gymnast will probably be able to wear the competition uniform for more than a year so you will able to cross that expense off the list for next competition season.  However, you will have to pay for another competition uniform if the athlete has a growth spurt or you decide to change gymnastic clubs.

Keep in mind that these are average costs and each gymnastics club can set their own prices for any of the line items listed above. Do your research.  Some are more or less than others.  I hope seeing these costs does not turn you away from putting your athlete in the sport.  Gymnastics teaches discipline and dedication but most of all it’s fun!

4 Responses to How Much Does Gymnastics Cost?

  1. Thank You

    I appreciate you sharing the cost of having children in organized sports, many parents might not realize what they are looking at in the future with young athletes.

    I never knew gymnastics was so costly until reading your article, my sons were into baseball and it too was more costly than people might realize.

    I played baseball until I was in my 30’s, so I do realize how organized sports can cost more than you might realize.

  • Thanks for your comment.  I was surprised when my daughter started competing and all of the money that I had to come up with.  You want to keep your kids active in something that they love to do, but if you’re not sitting on a gold mine it can be quite costly.

  • Thank you for your very informative website. I had no idea how much cost it could be for my twin daughters to exercise this sport. Because of your detailed post, I will be now prepared ahead of time. And also thank you for the search tool to find the closest USA GYMNASTICS MEMBER CLUB here in Spokane Valley.

    • Thanks for your comments.  I’m glad you were able to get information from the website.  I want it to be a resource for all things gymnastics!  Stay tuned, there will be more posts in the future.  Thanks again.


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